Trade data remains positive in January-October period

Trade data remains positive in January-October period

VGP – Viet Nam’s trade with the rest of the world reached US$616.3 billion in the first ten months of 2022, up 14.1 percent over the same period in 2021.

Hiện thực hóa khát vọng trung tâm logistics khu vực và toàn cầu

According to official statistics released by the General Department of Viet Nam Customs on November 21, 2022, the total import-export value of the whole country in October reached US$58.27 billion, a slight increase of 0.1 percent (equivalent to an increase of US$67 million) compared to September.

The trade balance of goods in October recorded a surplus of US$2.47 billion, bringing the goods trade surplus in 10 months this year to US$9.59 billion. Specifically, exports in October 2022 reached US$30.37 billion, up 1.9 percent (equivalent to US$552 million in absolute terms) compared to the previous month.

In the first ten months of 2022, the total export value stood at US$312.94 billion, up 16 percent (equivalent to US$43.1 billion) over the same period last year. On the contrary, imports of goods in October 2022 were estimated at US$27.9 billion, down 1.7 percent (equivalent to US$485 million) compared to the previous month

Some good groups witnessing a sharp decrease in import value include machinery, equipment, tools and spare parts (down US$309 million); crude oil  ($224 million); computers, electronic products and components (US$221 million); raw materials for textiles, leather and footwear (US$105 million).

Regarding the import-export market in January-October period, Viet Nam’s goods trade with Asia reached US$398.41 billion, accounting for 64.6 percent of the country’s total trade volume.

Trade value with America reached US$131.23 billion, up 16.8 percent; Europe – US$64.7 billion, up 8.9 percent; Oceania – US$15.02 billion, up 30.4 percent and Africa – US$6.94 billion, down slightly by 1.5 percent compared to 10 months of 2021.

The import-export value of FDI sector in the first ten months rose 14.6 percent on year to US$428.99 billion..

Source: Government News 23-11-2022