BuonME Cafe®

BuonME Café, a division of Master Plan Corporation, is a recognized coffee brand throughout Vietnam.

Manufactured through a closed process, the path to the finished quality of BuonME Café starts with carefully selected Arabica and Robusta beans exclusively harvested in the distinguished Buon Me Thuot region of Vietnam’s Central Highlands.

A traditional taste derived from distinctive BuonME Café blends, pulls the unique coffee through the market and into the homes, businesses and coffee shops throughout Vietnam.

National Starch Food Innovation

National Starch Food Innovation , a business unit of National Starch & Chemical Company, is a worldwide leader in specialty starch technology and manufacturing for the food industry.

National Starch Food Innovation food starches improve texture, shelf stability, flavor and mouth feel, and add many other characteristics that translate into marketing benefits for food manufacturers.

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