Founded with vision. After a successful beginning of a career in the same industry, Minh Phuong Dang, chairwoman and chief executive officer, made her entrepreneurial debut and founded MP Logistics on July 4, 1995. With the vision of trusted, quality and solution focused forwarding and logistics, growth spurred throughout the early beginnings through determination, quality service and a dedicated staff of just eighteen employees. Many of the company’s first customers in 1995 are still customers of MP Logistics today.


Starting any business is a challenge. MP Logistics faced many obstacles of its own as the company drove for growth year after year. Recognizing a growing customer base in the north, 1999 was the first year for market expansion of the company’s operations. In January 1999, the Ha Noi representative office of MP Logistics was established to provide a local presence for facilitating northern operations.


Market expansion continued nearly one year later in the central coastal city of Da Nang, an industrial center of the Central Region. Recognizing the market as a growth spot for the future, MP Logistics established its Da Nang representative office in January of 2000. As an important sea, air and rail hub, Da Nang is well on its way to becoming a leading center for industry, tourism and trade.


Having the ability to extend service quality further into the logistical chain is a benefit shared by both the provider and customers. MP Logistics was able to do just that when it joined hands with Baek-Shim-Ra Corporation in 2002 to establish the Nice Vina Container Transportation J/V Co., Ltd.


In late 2004, construction plans were unveiled for a new 5-story corporate office building that boasted a modern design and State-of-the-Art IT infrastructure. Construction would take place on the existing site of the current headquarters. Operations were relocated around the block where the employees of MP Logistics setup for the duration of the demolition and construction period.


A milestone. MP Logistics celebrated its 10-year history in 2005. A 10-year anniversary celebration for employees, customers and family was held in July at New World Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City. It was a night full of thanks, recollection and vision for the next decade.

In August 2005, MP Logistics transitioned from its temporary office location around the block and moved operations into the new corporate headquarters building. The building provides four floors of comfortable office space, two meeting rooms; large, spacious reception area and on-site dining facilities. As northern operations continued to develop, MP Logistics established its third representative office in Hai Phong, Vietnam, the countries third largest city. Situated on the northeastern coast, Hai Phong is 102km from Ha Noi and possesses Vietnam’s largest northern seaport.


Ms. Dang was awarded Vietnam’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year by Vietnam Prime Minister. The Saigon Airport Corporation was also aquired by MP Logistics.


Added Binh Duong truck fleet and maintenance facility.


Added Tan Van truck fleet and maintenance facility.


Opened low-temperature warehouse system facility in Hung Yen following requests from customer requirements.

Minh Phuong Dang, chairwoman and chief executive officer, was featured in an exclusive interview on CNBC in a segment on Managing Asia that highlighted the success and growth of MP Logistics in Vietnam. The summary and video footage of the interview from the show can be accessed in the link below:



MP Logistics established a joint venture with Samsung SDS, the information technology and logistics services company of Samsung Group to optimize Samsung’s logistics operation in Vietnam. It was also during this year that MP Logistics established a joint venture as CPMP Logistics to support supply chain operation for C.P. Group Vietnam.


Recognizing a growing request from our  corporate customers to offer more value-added services, MP Logistics established a Mutual Franchise Agreement (MFA) with Enterprise Rent-A-Car brand, the world’s largest car rental provider. Enterprise shares many qualities with MP Logistics, including private ownership and a focus on service, which makes it the right choice of franchise partner.

MP Logistics estimates that international customers who live and work in Ho Chi Minh City will typically rent a vehicle from one to five years. The vehicles will be driven by local drivers, which may be necessary for business customers who do not have experience driving on Vietnamese roads.  Other services include short-term, chauffeur-driven options, self-drive rentals and leisure hire at popular tourist destinations, such as Da Nang.

For more information, please visit https://enterprise.vn/

Minh Phuong Dang, chairwoman and chief executive officer, was recognized as Forbes Magazine Top 25 Emergent Asia’s Latest Star Businesswomen. https://www.forbes.com/profile/dang-minh-phuong/#378f09b97ac9


On July 4, 2020, MP Logistics once again reached a significant milestone in posting 25 years of operation in Vietnam.

“Our company was founded on the notion that we provide the best-in class quality service through long-lasting relationships with our customers so they can trust us to deliver their goods on time to serve both their external and internal customers within their supply chain. After 25 years in business, that principle remains a part of our focus.” – Minh-Phuong Dang, Founder and CEO